"Proces powstawania fundamentu płytowego"

How a foundation slab is made

Slab foundation construction process

Construction process video

Preparing the foundation slab construction site

First the area for the foundation structure is set out. The humus soil is stripped, and a drainage system installed to remove ground water. The earth cut is backfilled with a suitable soil type. The bedding is levelled and compacted with power tools to ensure a stable substructure.

Setting out the slab envelope and routing of utility lines

The outer envelope of the foundation is set out, then all utility lines are routed and laid according to the design. The EPS/XPS edge components are laid along the envelope. They will provide vertical insulation for the foundation slab.

Laying the horizontal insulation and reinforcement grid

The area enclosed by the edge components is filled with EPS/XPS panels of a sufficient compressive strength. The panels and the vertical insulation components create a "tub" which will thermally insulate the entire volume of the reinforced concrete slab. The bottom reinforcement grid is set on special spacers laid across the EPS/XPS panels.

Installing the heating system

If the foundation slab is designed with a floor heating system, its components are laid with the reinforcement. The specific system solution is prepared according to the design and before the on-site work begins. The installation process requires laying of the tubes or cables as designed.

Casting the concrete slab

Once the top reinforcement grid is set, the slab can be cast in place. The concrete is forced by a pump, and the casting process usually takes no more than 60 minutes.

Power floating of the slab

Once the concrete has begun to cure, the top layer is floated level with power tools to a 5 mm height tolerance. The surface finished in this way is ready to accommodate the flooring system. No other work is required.


The slab is sheltered from weather for the duration of concrete curing. Miscellaneous installation work is required on foundation slabs with a heating system once the building shell has been finished.