"Zobrazowanie rozkładu temperatur w danym miejscu"

IR imaging

Heating system performance measurement

A technical method for monitoring and analysis of IR radiation from physical bodies at wavelengths from 0.9 to 14 um.


The IR camera imaging provides a heat map, i.e. a thermal photograph which shows the temperature distribution of the imaged site. IR imaging is currently applied in industry, power engineering and building engineering. In the latter area, IR imaging is usually used to:

  • locate thermal bridges;
  • verify thermal insulation of buildings, thermal insulation performance and insulation installation quality;
  • analyse the tightness of window and door joinery;
  • evaluate the performance quality of gravity and forced ventilation;
  • map the heat routing and leaks of central heating and hot utility water systems;
  • map the routing and defects of floor heating systems.



The IR imaging is effective when the difference between the outdoor and indoor temperatures is at least 15°C. Hence thermal imaging is carried out in the heating seasons and in the lowest possible exposure to sunlight; cloudy weather provides the best IR imaging performance. 



IR camera


We currently provide IR imaging services with an excellent FLIR t420 IR camera with the detector resolution of 320x240 px and a high comfort of use.


The equipment allows us to provide building project investors with thermographic images as evidence of heating system performance.


We are currently planning to expand our routine thermal imaging tests with energy performance auditing and certification.