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Parati Basic

Thermally insulated foundation slab

Our foundation slabs are constructed on soil substructures and fully contained in EPS thermal insulation.


The thermal insulation layers is carefully selected to suit the building technology of each structure to significantly reduce heat loss. Parati slab foundations provide ideal protection against heat loss and soil humidity.



L-type edge components

We have developed an innovative proprietary technology to manufacture L-type EPS edge components for quick and accurate laying of insulation around the building envelope.


We make the edge components and the soil side thermal insulation using EPS100, EPS200 and XPS materials from recognised Polish and EU manufacturers.






The increased surface are for load transfer from the slab foundation to the soil substructure allows solutions to be implemented on relatively poor bearing soils, in areas of mining damage, on made ground or soils prone to settlement. Any foundation project requires the stripping of the humus layers and laying of a gravel substructure with a drainage ring to facilitate water removal from the foundation slab substructure.


All calculations and design works for Parati foundation slabs are done by our design engineers. At the design stage the foundation slab structure is adapted to suit the technical guidelines provided in the building design and the soil conditions on site. During the design and erection stages, all technical assumptions for sewerage and culverts for water, power, heating etc. are considered.





Quality guaranteed !

The concrete class and type are chosen in each case by the slab foundation lead designer. The quality of concrete is guaranteed in writing by large manufacturing suppliers which provide construction concrete in the respective area of the project site.


Each foundation slab project is completed with the as-built documentation, containing all of required certificates, attestations and declarations of conformity.