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Parati Electric

Foundation slab with electric heating system

Our electric heating system is available in 2 installation variants, as required by the construction technology and intended use of the building:


The system is based on electric heating cables embedded in a floor underlayment with a maximum thickness of 7 cm and laid on top of the foundation slab.


In a thermally insulated foundation slab constructed using a well-made thermal insulation system, the installed power does not exceed 90-100 W/m2 in dwelling rooms and 150 W/m2 in bathrooms and similar rooms. Wherever large window surfaces exist, electric heating mats are also added for extra heat output rated at 200 W/m2 at the edge zone.



Room heating rate

The primary electrical heating system is designed to heat the rooms to the preset temperature in the shortest possible time and then compensate for any heat loss.


In order to assure the varied thermal comfort required by the users, we also design auxiliary systems which complement the primary heating system. The heating cables and mats are embedded 3-5 cm below the top flooring surface.


An advantage of the complementary systems is their short response time, which, in practical terms, is simply quick heating of rooms. 





The system is embedded in a 20 cm thick thermally insulated foundation slab and based on electric heating cables. This solution draws from the Parati Air and Parati Water solutions by utilising the phenomenon of thermal energy accumulation from the electrical cables embedded in the slab.


This system type is usually dedicated to office and industrial buildings which can be heated at night to take advantage of the second power tariff, which is usually more cost efficient.



Heat energy control

The foundation slab acts as a heat accumulator during the day and effectively radiates the buffered heat to the rooms. In order to improve the temperature comfort and prevent temperature loss in large rooms, hallways, areas with large windows or fixed interior furnishing, auxiliary heating systems are designed to be embedded in an extra layer of flooring laid on top of the primary heating system. Not unlike in the Parati Air and Parati Water systems, the slab acts as a heat accumulator and radiates out heat during the day from the thermal buffer using the heat generated at night to assure the comfort of the inhabitants.