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Parati Water

Foundation slab with water heating system

The water heating system embedded in the foundation slab is based on a system of multi-layered polybutene or PE tubes. These advanced plastics boast high flexibility and resistance to creeping, cracking, stress and abrasion.


Polybutene and PP resist various chemicals; given their high mechanical performance, the materials are perfectly suited for heating applications. We use materials from two recognised manufacturers: the Nioxy system by Universa, Austria, and Thermorama by Prandelli, Italy.



Heating loop system

The water heating system loops are laid according to the specific building design and in line with the parameters applicable for our air heating systems.


All system sections are grouped in a single location. A special manifold connects the individual heating loops to the heating plant output. 






Similar to the second hot water supply variant, the building can be connected to any main energy source (solid fuel furnace, gas furnace, heat pump, etc.). The entire foundation slab acts as the main building heating system, divisible into controlled temperature zones or rooms.





Slab protective features

  • The hot foundation slab accumulates heat and thereby stabilises the building temperature, which protects the structure from humidity and its negative effects, such as mould or fungi.
  • Foundation slab heating is a low-temperature system and is suitable for flooring systems of various materials (wooden boards, panels, carpets, tiles, etc.) laid directly on the slab surface.
  • The low operating temperature of the heating system oscillates between 21 and 24°C and prevents the phenomenon of convection currents, the main factor behind the propagation of airborne dust and other allergens which favour allergic disorders.
  • If the heat supply fails, the foundation slab acts as a thermal buffer which radiates the accumulated heat to provide thermal comfort for ten+ hours following the outage.